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Folk ~ Rock ~ Celtic ~ Bluegrass   ...or whatever makes us smile!

Jeff Parker: Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals
Anne McKennon: Flutes & Vocals

Based in Jacksonville, Road Less Traveled is the acoustic collaboration of Jeff Parker and Anne McKennon.  Their debut CD, "Treading Live" is self-recorded and available at performances.  Both singer-songwriters and life-long musicians, Jeff and Anne traveled different paths to get here.  Jeff brings strong experience on guitar, mandolin and vocals with an interest in flat and finger picking and improvisational work, particularly in folk and bluegrass.  Anne delivers rapid flexibility on 7 flutes and vocals with time spent in folk, Celtic, and classical genres.  Brought together through mutual friends, they merged their diverse backgrounds into a sound of their own.  Together, their style is multidimensional based in folk with a mutual love of harmonic blend.  Working as a team since spring of 2011, they have an energy that just won't quit.  "What can we say?  It just works."

The song list includes names like Paul Simon, The Beatles, CSN, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Jason Mraz, John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot, The Indigo Girls, Taylor Swift, George Gershwin and Cole Porter.  An instrumental powerhouse, the "Tull Medley" features 7 Tull tunes plus J.S. Bach (Bourree) navigating 6 keys and 4 meters.  Their version of "Stairway to Heaven" is a rousing finale.  Original songs include "Brother's Keeper" which has a story with a mystery ending and a civil war style death march on the fife.  RLT is always ready to put their own twist on whatever captures their imagination.

~ The other side of Road Less Traveled ~
Drawing on their diverse backgrounds and resources, Road Less Traveled can provide themed concerts when the occasion calls for it.  Around St. Patrick's Day, Celtic performances light up the calendar.  "Promise" is an original song appropriate for wedding ceremonies or anniversary dances.  They have music for children's concerts including sing-alongs and a special version of "Peter and the Wolf."  MP3 clip: Peter and the Wolf

"You have a magical mix." -Judy C. 8/21/11
"You guys made my day.  That was great.  Thanks!" -JIA Traveler 1/24/13
"I'd never heard a million dollar sound from a penny whistle before." -Fred G. 2/17/12

Live Music Venues ~ Private Events ~ Weddings ~ Children ~ Senior Centers

Anne McKennon

"Tull Medley" - Our Arrangement
Jeff Parker

Press Interview 4/26/14 with Kevin Monahan: Monahan's Song of the Week